Steel Fiber Machine

OMEX TECH is one of the first companies who exported steel fiber machine out of China.  Our machine’s design is second to none and gained a good reputation of high production capacity and stable running. Till now our machines have successfully commissioning well in India, Turkey, Czech, Romania and Brazil. 

We will introduce our steel fiber machine to you step by step. Before our introduction, below is the steel fiber machine’s pictures:


  1. What can i do by using this machine ?  This machine produces different types of steel fiber which use in concrete reinforcement, like hooked end steel fiber, waved type steel fiber and flat end steel fiber. 





 2. What diamter steel wire can i process by this machine ? Our machine can produce steel fiber from  0.45mm to 1.2mm steel wire, tensile strength: 600 to 1500Mpa.

 3. What’s the length of steel fiber ? Our machine can make 15mm to 75mm

4. How many tons of  steel fiber can i get by using this machine ? Our machine can produce 2.5t to 7.5ton/8h. It mainly depends on the steel wire’s diamter.

5. How many pieces of steel wire can i feeding simultaneously ? Max. 16pcs, It primary depends on the steel wire’s diamter.

6. What other facilities are required when using this machine ? You need to prepare well the steel wire pay-off stands

If you want to know more about our machine, please feel free to contact us.




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