Cloth Hanger Forming Machine

Auto Hanger forming machine for clothes

OMEX TECH provides cloth hanger forming machine for making  clothes hanger. This machine can produce different types of clothes hanger fully automatic by changing different moulds.







Suitable for carbon steel wire, galvanize wire and PVC coated wire etc.

Wire diameter 1.5-3.0mm
Production speed: 22-35 pieces per minute.
We can provide the suitable hanger forming machine according to the shape of your hanger




If you want to know information about our this machine, please contact us for more information.

5 Responses to Cloth Hanger Forming Machine

  1. James john says:

    We need a quote from you.Regards.

  2. YASER SHAHID says:

    pls send us a quotation for C&F Chittagong, Bangladesh for the machine.

  3. J.S MISHRA says:

    We are in manufacturing of anodized aluminum hanger and please we want the information about hanger forming machine….

  4. syeed akbar says:

    we gone through you web site and we the steel galvanize Clevis hanger machine for Ksa
    plz send the information


    Syeed Akabr

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