Cut Wire Shot Machine


OMEX TECH provides high quality cut wire shot machine with an unbeatable price in the market. This machine can cut different materials, like carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, Zinc and Aluminum, suitable for vase diameter rage: 0.2mm to 5.0mm.


 Earn money by using OMEX Cut Wire Shot Machine.
Cutting different materials by one machine!
Full automatic to save your labor cost
Low energy consumption to save your money
Small floor space is sufficient to run this machine
Easy to operate

How does it work?

OMEX cut wire shot machine is very easy operate with a low maintenance cost, feeding the wire from the feeding hole, adjust the gap between the feeding hole and the blades, this gap is just suit the diameter of the cutting material. Sharper blades are required for making small shots.

Machine Parameter:
Capacity: 1200kg-3000kg/8h.
Wire Diameter: 0.2mm to 5.0mm
Power: 7.5KW
Size: 1100*900*1200mm
Weight: 350mm

If you want to start cut wire shot, please contact us today!
OMEX Cut Wire Shot Machine will be your best choice.




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