Steel Wool Machine Manufacturers

OMEX TECH helps our client to source the most suitable steel wool machine manufacturers in China. After years inspection, we have primary cooperate provide the above item from the two factories, one is JL factory, another is HY factory.

JL factory has been manufacturing steel wool machines since 2001, their steel wool production line has exported to countries like India, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Chile and gained a good reputation in the world.

Machine features:
Heavy duty and durable
Multiple working stations
Nice building

Below is steel wool machine picture from JL factory.

HY factory is steel wool manufacturer, they are also steel wool machine manufacturer. You can see the whole steel wool production line in this factory. Their factory owner Mr.Peng worked for GMT before which is the biggest steel wool manufacturer in USA. Mr. Peng started his steel wool making and steel wool manufacturing business since 2003, his product has exported to USA, India

Machine features:
Light duty and economical.
Practical design
Easy maintenance.

Below are steel wool machine picture from HY factory.


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