Steel Wool Knife

OMEX TECH provides high quality steel wool knife for different style steel wool machine with a very good price, the knives we supply are suitable for making steel wool grade 4# to 0000#.

The steel wool knife factory has been making steel wool knives since the pass ten years, the knife has successfully application in Germany steel wool machine, USA steel wool machine, Italy steel wool machine, India steel wool machine and local China made steel wool machine.

Generally, the steel wool knife is made by high quality high speed steel, hardness achieves HRC63, and dimension includes followings:
We can also make to order of other special knives which not mentioned above.

Someone may doubt about China made steel wool knife, we’d like to let you know that one thing: China is the biggest steel wool manufacturing base in the world and more than 90% of steel wool manufacturing factories are purchasing the knife from the same steel wool knife making factory.


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