Steel Wool Wire

Our sister company Hongyui provides high quality steel wool wire at a competitive price. The steel wool material has been testing by our factory and very good for smooth production, this material has tested and produced thousand tons of product by our steel wool machine, it’s proven that it’s stable quality and good properties.

Select the good quality steel woo wire is very important in steel wool manufacturing, if you purchase some bad quality or not suitable chemical component material, this will effect your production greatly. Our factory has been manufacturing steel wool for the passed ten years, we have tested many steel wool wire many times and know which type of steel wire is good for production, and this make our daily steel wool making activities properly.

Base on our steel wool machine, the steel wire feeding diameter is 3mm. However, we usually purchase 6mm steel wool wire or 5mm steel wool wire in stock, and drawing the wire from 6mm to 3mm by our steel wire drawing machine. Some friends in other countries may produce steel wool from 2.8mm or 2.54mm steel wool wire, this specification of steel wool material is also can be made by our wire drawing machine.

Purchase the good quality steel wool steel wire is very important in steel wool manufacturing. Our factory happened to bad quality steel wool wire before, the steel wire break now and then during production, also not good for shearing which lead to low production and waste money. If you want to know more about what type of steel wool wire we use, please communication with us for more information.


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