India Client Visit Steel Wool Plant

One of our India client visited our steel wool plant with his wife at 25th Dec, 2011, they primary wanted to see and purchase steel wool crushing system to make chopped steel wool. This system included steel wool feeding machine, steel wool crushing machine, steel wool classify machine and vibration machine, through this steel wool crushing system, you can get different grade chopped steel wool.

Our client also very well knows about steel wool and he has a deep communication with our factory owner Mr. Pang, Mr. Pang analysis how to adjustable the steel wool knives when produce different grade steel wool, also tell our client which number of knives use in different position when making different steel wool.

During the visit, our client is very impressive by our high quality 0000 steel wool, this type of stainless steel wool is very fine and smooth, for polishing window, and kitchen or hardware without hurt the subject surface. Meanwhile, our client also very interested in our stainless steel wool, grade stainless steel 434, also steel wool wire.


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