Steel Fiber Forming Machine

 According to different habits, someone call the steel fiber machine as steel fiber forming machine or steel fiber cutting machine. Based on the machine’s working principle, you can say that this is a forming machine. How does it work? Generally, two cutters in the machine rotation at a high speed, and cutting the feeding steel wire at the certain length, through this motion to achieve the production, a type of forming, that’s why someone call it steel fiber forming machine.

Steel fiber forming machine is forming the shape of hooked end, waved end and flat end steel fiber as a forming machine. Well, here you will more clearly about how it forms steel fiber, it’s something more about the steel fiber machine cutters. There are certain grooves in the cutters, the groove will equip with blades, the beside two blade’s distance is just the steel fiber’s length, for instance, two blade’s distance is 50mm, then the steel fiber’s length is 50mm, and by analogy, the steel fiber forming machine can equip with different cutters to produce different length of steel fiber like 20mm, 25mm, 35mm or 60mm etc.

Usually, people would very interested to know how many pieces of steel wire can feeding into the steel fiber forming under production status. This is primary depends on the diameter of the steel wire. For instance, if you produce 0.45*25mm steel fiber, you can feed 15pieces steel wire into the steel fiber machine simultaneously, however, if you produce 1.0*60mm steel fiber, base on this diameter, you can maximum feeding 10pieces steel wire, all these are based on skillful operators.

OMEX TECH Steel fiber forming machine now is more and more popular in developping countries nowadays, if you want to make your own steel fiber or want to know more about the machine, please contact us for more information.

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