Steel wool Making Machine

When we talking about steel wool making machine, this is just a general calling and actually it contain three different machines.

One is metal shearing machine, this machine is using to shearing, this machine is use to shear metal into fine and long wools without cutting, this machine is indispensible in steel wool making.

One is steel wool padding machine, or call it steel wool coiling machine, this machine is used to cut long type steel wool into small pads from 5gram to 50grams

One is steel wool crushing machine, this machine is used to crush long, reel or coil style steel wool into powder form for making car brake.

The steel wool making machine is now become more welcome in developing countries, like India, Brazil, Argentina, Iran and Africa etc. OMEX provides a practical design steel wool machine, this machine is equipped with 40 to 60 blade stands, and the blade stands will insert different specification blades according to different steel wool grades. In Africa, more and more company are established to produce coil type steel wool for cleaning, but in India or in Iran, more and more people are now re-fit there machines and making steel wool powder for car brake because car industrial is developing very fast in local.

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