Steel Wool Machine

 When people are selling steel wool for cleaning or polishing, did they ever think about how to make steel wool? OMEX TECH will tell you everything about how steel wool is made by steel wool machine.

Steel Wool Main Machine Set

1. Steel Wool Material
If you want to establish your own plant for making steel wool, the first thing they may concern is about steel wool material. Generally, steel wool is made from 3mm low carbon steel wire, the steel wire’s tensile strength is approx. 900-1100MPA. But most of the steel wool manufacturers in China are drawing the steel wire from 6mmto 3mm instead of purchasing 3mm steel wire directly.

Steel Wool Material

2. Steel Wool Machine.
No doubt to say, Germany EHT steel wool machine is famous in this field. However, after many years production experiences, OMEX TECH right now can fabricate the steel wool machine by us and we have successfully exported and commissioning well in other countries.

India Client

The steel wool machine is consists of machine frame, wire wheel, reducer, AC frequency device, cutting stands and other assistance device like wire pay-off stands and wire take up stands, also wire straighten device. The cutting points can reach 2160 when there are 36 wire coils wound on the main wheel trough.

Steel Wool Blade Stands


3. Steel Wool Grades
Due to different cleaning purposed, people may require different specification steel wools. OMEX TECH steel wool machine can produce steel wool grade from 4# to 0000#. To achieve this, you need to know how to set different combinations of different grade cutting blades.

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