Fan Guard Production Line

OMEX TECH has acted as an export agent for our partner factory since the pass five years which helped them exported the fan guard welding machines to India and Vietnam. In high temperature developping countries, air-conditioner is a luxurious product and people more prefer fan. Our welding machines are making the fan cover or fan guard for assembling to a complete fan.

Our partner’s factory produces 25,000sets of radiate fan guard everyday, meanwhile, they has been starting manufacturing fan guard welding machine for domestic market since the last ten years.

Fan Guard Manufacturing Workshop

A complete fan guard production line usually has the following machines:
Inner Ring WeldingMachine/ Also called as Single Spot Circle Welding Machine.
Automatic Ring Making Machine
Butt Welding Machine
Hydraulic Fan Guard Forming Machine
Middle Ring Welding Machine
Outer Ring Welding Machine
Fan Guard Edge Cutting Machine/Wire Trimming Machine
Handle Welding Machine.


See What the Fan Guard Machine Can Do:

Fan Guard Shape: radiate type/ spiral Type (mainly radiate type)
Including radiate style and spiral style (Industry or house hold).
Process Wire Diameter:1.0mmto3.0mm
Dimension: From 8 to 35 inch.
Capacity: Mininum1000piece/8h. (Could adjustable)

No matter you want to install a turn-key plant for fan guard making or just purchase some basics machines for enhancing your capacity, OMEX will meet all your requirements.


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