Steel Fiber Machine

OMEX TECH is a professional steel fiber machine manufacturer in China. Due to more than ten years of testing, OMEX TECH manufactures the latest steel fiber machine with the highest production capacity in China. The old machine only produce 500kg/8h, but our new design machine can make 5000kg/8h.

This Machine can make hooked end steel fiber, flat end steel fiber, and waved type steel fiber.

The whole steel fiber machine is consists of machine frame, cutters, gears, AC frequency device. Gear, cutter and frequency are the main parts of the machine. Our engineer tested several types of gear and finally design a high precision gear which match with counter cutting cutters and finally. The cutters are made by high quality mould steel, durable and high precision. Differ from traditional cutters, OMEX TECH cutters design in a very high precision and made the ends of the steel fiber at the same length.

For a complete system to make steel fiber, the wire pay-off stands are necessary. Generally, our machine can feed 12 pieces of steel wire simultaneously; at least need 12 pay off stands, for smaller wire diameter, we can feed even 16pieces.

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