Steel Wool

Our sister company Hongyui Specail Metal Factory is one of leading steel wool manufacturer in China and we produce 3-5t of steel wool everyday.

 We make steel wool from low carbon steel wire, and all the steel wire is purchased from Shagang Group who is one of the biggest steel manufacturers in China.

Generally, our factory produces two type of steel wool, one is reel type steel wool, also called steel wool pad, weight from 5g to 2.5kg, for cleaning used, like cleaning/polishing wood, tooling, hardward etc. We produce high quality steel wool by our sophisticated skills, all our 0000# to 4# steel wool is meet international standard, very soft and finest.


Another type is chopped steel wool, also called steel wool powder. This product is widely used in car brake making industrial. Processing the reel steel wool by our crushing sytem, to classify different specifications steel wool powders(grade 5# to 0000#). We test the final products within every half hour to insure all our product suits our client’s demand.



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