Steel Wool Production Line

Our partner company HONGYUI is dedicated manufacturing steel wool and steel wool production line for more than 18years

and our owner and eingeer worked for GMT(the biggest metal wool supplier in the world) before and produced different grades of steel wool for America and Japan market , we started our metal wool production ten years back. Now our factory has three lines and produce 3t of steel wool everyday.


OMEX TECH in a position to provide a complete steel wool production line for your needs.  This production line produces two type of steel wool, one is reel type steel wool for wood, metal cleaning and polishing, another is steel wool powder for car brake, for the last product, except steel wool machine, you still need a crushing machine and sieving machine.


 However, the above machine only produce long type steel wool. If you want to get reel type steel wool or steel wool powder, you need to equip with following machine:

1. Steel wool Padding Machine, this machine can help you harvest small steel wool pad at the weight of 5gram to 100gram, cutting speed is 2-5seconds/pcs, high speed and cutting weight adjustable.



2. If you want to produce steel wool powder for car brake, except aboved mentioned machines, you need a steel wool crushing system except steel wool machine. These system consists of steel wool feeding machine, steel wool crusher/steel wool hammer mill, cyclone and sieving device.



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